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Vocal Rampage Every Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm

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Vocal Rampage.

"Let The Music Speak"


The Show is about showcasing different types of music/genres, locally and internationally, from deep house, neo-soul, trap soul, hip hop and chill.

The show focuses on being versatile, entertaining and educative in music. It's a platform for other DJ's to show off and to teach us what others don't know.


Hosted by Zulu Belle, a well recognized young man in the DJ, radio and club world.


The music speaks in many languages and in this case, we learn by listening.

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Vocal Rampage Every Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm crew

SOUNDWAVE SOUTH AFRICA Linda Bretherton Manageress at Soundwave Radio South Africa Rocking the World 24/7 Linda Bretherton hails from South Africa and has been instrumental in establishing a base and developing a foundation for local artist and DJS to perform both on a local and international platform. Linda strives to promote DJS across borders. New Sounds and vibes and a new trend of music especially house music and hip hop in several countries which is expanding rather rapidly . Artist seeking a platform should look no further as Soundwave aims to develop young artist who will Rock the world, my role at Soundwave Radio is to ensure the smooth running and the operation of the radio station. I manage the daily operation and ensure the growth of our services. Our aim has always been to develop young aspiring artist and to give them a plaform in which to showcase. Artist from the local communities are encouraged to grow and develop by just being given this opportunity. I market , promote , advertise and set up artist on the radio station. From podcaster’s to live online radio shows hosted by some of the cream of the crop DJS to highly talented rising star’s. We are Soundwave Radio progressively expanding our boundaries. Soundwave Radio has a diverse crew of DJS who hail from several countries around the USA/ Europe /UK and now in South Africa and the African continent. Phil Eckett the Ceo of Soundwave Radio and I worked hard at building it into the most integrated and diverse radio station Incorporating DJS from varied background and from local based communities, we have some of the finest DJS from communities in each country. We aim to bring you the newest sounds current trends and an explosion of a new vibe. We are currently one of the fastest growing online radio stations in South Africa and on the african continent. We can proudly claim to have received the nomination of being the number 1 rated online radio station in london. We build DJS , we create platforms, we promote, market , excel in the field. I am Linda Bretherton and together We are

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